Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sitangkai - the Venice of the South

Sitangkai, Tongehat, Halusugbo and other islands like Sibutu, Tumindao, Sipangkot and Omapuy have coral reefs that stretch into Darbel Bay, Malaysia. The coral reefs in ancient times served as land bridges connecting the islands to Asia. At low tide, one can still “walk” and explore the miles and miles of coral reefs. The wonders to behold are the white sandbars in middle of nowhere somewhere in the Sulu Sea that borders Malaysia. Pitching tent in one of the sandbars and snorkeling around to admire the beauty of the sea world is an experience beyond description. The coral reefs are teeming with marine life – fishes of all colors, octopus, all types of sea urchins, different colors of star fish, etc. Yes, it is another world and uncontaminated by modern life, except for the tent and the snorkels. Read more...........

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