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Why the municipality is called South Ubian when it is actually located in the easternmost portion of the province of Tawi-Tawi is a mystery to many

The much older Tabawan settlement now belongs to the new municipality of South Ubian. There is no North or Central Ubian. Why the municipality is called South Ubian when it is actually located in the easternmost portion of the province of Tawi-Tawi is a mystery to many. Speaking of mystery, the island of Tabawan holds the key to the understanding of the mysterium and the fascinans of the Sama peoples. In this island rest their ancestors and the spirits that guide their destiny. The indigenous rituals widely practiced are known as “pagomboh” and “pagdiwata”. The former is a ritual related to their ancestors – a devotion to their origin, and the latter refers to the spirits or jinns – rituals of offering to please the jinns. These two rituals have become keys to the very soul of the Sama peoples who are the inhabitants of all the islands that form the Municipality of South Ubian. The more famous landmark of Tabawan is the ancient well called Boheh Dea. Boheh is the Sama word for water and Dea is the word for forest. Boheh Dea, then would mean water in the forest. There are legends around the well. The more obvious one is the fact that it is the “source of life for the Sama people. As long as the well does not run dry, the Sama peoples live! And popular belief among the old says that at the other end of the Boheh Dea is the Zamzam Well in Makka. The people remember well that by tradition and by belief, the great Zamzam Well is a gift from Allah, precisely to save the lives of Hagar and her child ‘Ismael. Bohed Dea, definitely, is one of the great wonders in the region. It is considered a real miracle to have continued supply of fresh water in a very deep well in a coral reef island. Tabawan is also the center of the mystical rituals for the Sama omboh (ancestors). They celebrate the omboh devotion twice a year. The first ritual is to appease the ancestors for the “disturbances” created in the community and family. They call this ritual as omboh jabo. The families prepare a ligu (a tray made of bamboo) containing seven plates filled with yellow rice. The local Imam (religious leader) leads the families in prayers that accompany the offering of the ligu. The other omboh rituals mark the Sama peoples’ departure and arrival – asking for the ancestors’ blessing before departure and thanksgiving on safe arrival. read more..........................

Tausugs triumph in France music festival

JOLO, Sulu -- Given the opportunity, Tausugs (natives of Sulu) can always emerge triumphant. Who would think that the Tausug maggabbang (brass instrument player) and the magbibiyula (violin player) have turned the renowned music festival of France into a very meaningful and memorable one? Crossing boundaries of distance and time, of experiences and cultural differences, the Tausug gabbang (brass instrument) and the biyula (violin) players wowed the French audience in a performance of a lifetime -- the first time in the history of the France music festival held recently in Paris. read more.....................

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Remembering Jabidah Massacre

Corrigidor, Bataan - the place where the Tausug has been massacre

March 1968 At least 28 Moro army recruits killed in the Jabidah massacre on Corregidor island, triggering widespread Muslim indignation. The incident releases pent-up anger from years of prejudice, ill treatment and discrimination. Moro students in Manila hold a week long protest vigil over an empty coffin marked ‘Jabidah’ in front of the presidential palace. 1968 to 1971 Moro student activism grows. Moro consciousness, based on Islamic revivalism and knowledge of a distinct history and identity, gathers steam. Political organisations emerge, to culminate eventually in the establishment of the MNLF. Land conflicts in Mindanao escalate. Paramilitary groups proliferate; some attached to Christian politicians, some to loggers, and some to Muslim politicians. Hundreds of young Moros are sent to Malaysia for military training. Sabah becomes a supply depot, communication centre and sanctuary for Moro rebels. Towards 1971, read more...........

This article is about the people name Tausūg

This article is about the people name Tausūg. For their language, see Tausug language.
Suluk redirects here. For the Islamic or Sufi term, see Sulook.
The Tausūg or Suluk people are an ethnic group of the Philippines and Malaysia. The term Tausūg was derived from two words tau and sūg (or suluk) meaning "people of the current", referring to their homelands in the Sulu Archipelago. read more.......
Also, read more about the Sultanate Era, and the Fall of the Sultanate, Lease of North Borneo

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Sitangkai - the Venice of the South

Sitangkai, Tongehat, Halusugbo and other islands like Sibutu, Tumindao, Sipangkot and Omapuy have coral reefs that stretch into Darbel Bay, Malaysia. The coral reefs in ancient times served as land bridges connecting the islands to Asia. At low tide, one can still “walk” and explore the miles and miles of coral reefs. The wonders to behold are the white sandbars in middle of nowhere somewhere in the Sulu Sea that borders Malaysia. Pitching tent in one of the sandbars and snorkeling around to admire the beauty of the sea world is an experience beyond description. The coral reefs are teeming with marine life – fishes of all colors, octopus, all types of sea urchins, different colors of star fish, etc. Yes, it is another world and uncontaminated by modern life, except for the tent and the snorkels. Read more...........

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tubbataha reef "do you know that this reef belong to Minsupala?"

The name 'Tubbataha' is a Samal word for "long reef exposed at low tide". Samals are seafaring people of the Sulu Sea. Cagayanen people who are more geographically associated with Tubbataha Reefs referred the Park as 'gusong'.

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Rising from the volcanic depths of the Sulu Sea in the western Philippines, these magnificent atolls encompass an astonishing diversity of marine life.
The park is an underwater sanctuary where nature can thrive. Tubbataha is the Philippines' only marine natural Park and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place of global importance, being preserved for generations to come.
From majestic whale sharks to elusive seahorses - Tubbataha supports an unparalleled variety of marine creatures. Colourful reef fish crowd corals growing in the shallows while sharks and manta rays haunt the steep drop offs to the open sea.
A team of rangers are stationed on the reef year-round and, from March until June, divers visit Tubbataha to experience the wonders of this unique underwater world.
you still want to know? read more
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Sulu mahardika part II

In nukilan ini kiyawa daing ha buk siyulat hi Bro. Neldy “Sulu Archipelago: The Islands of Pearls and its Philosophy Behind” bilang padduman ha buk siyulat hinda Bro. Neldy ha Sinūg in gulalkabtangan (title) niya “Nusulan sin Sulu Tattap Mahardika’” (History of Permanent Independent Sulu)

Bud Tumantangis view in Sulu

KAPŪAN SUG Ngan Niya In Lupa’ Sug labi tanyag pagtawagun Sulu ha kahula’-hulaan sin Sātan-subangan Asia (Southeast Asian Nations). Bihaun in Lupa’ Sug bang kita imiyan Sulu in siya hambuuk pasisil sin Hula’ Pilipinas, piyalamud sin parintah Kastila ha waktu nagtukbal sin Pilipinas pa Milikan labay daing ha katas piyagjanjian pagtawagun “Treaty of Peace” diyawatan ha Paris sin petsa 10 Disimbir tahun 1898. In Lupa’ Sug aun pamarintah nagtagna’ daing kan Raja Baginda Ali ha tahun 1390. Nahinang siya hula’ aun ukum-sakup (sovereignty) ha tahun 1405 amuna in Sultaniyah sin Lupa’ Sug (Sultanate of Sulu) nagtagna’ daing kan Sultan Syariful Hashim Sayyid Abubakar.In Lupa’ Sug tanyag siya ha kahula’-hulaan sin dunya tattap mahardika’ iban wayi nasakup sin kastila 321 tahun (1578-1899) 47 tahun sin Milikan (1899-1946), 4 tahun sin Jipun (1942-1945) iban 62 tahun sin manga Filipino (bataan hi King Philip II) (1946-2008). Sambat da sin kamaasan ha laum kalangan “daing ha Kastila pa Milikan wala’ kiyarapatan”, sambil na pa timpu Jipun iban Pilipino. In Lupa’ Sug pagtawagun “Hula’ Anud sin Dagat Sug”. In parkataan Sug nakawa’ siya daing ha parkataan Suluk iban Suk, in ngan Suluk daing ha Ahlul Suluk. Unu baha in ngan sin Lupa’ Sug ha wayi pa siya kiyanganan Suluk daing ha Ahlul Suluk iban Sulu, bukun baha Buansa, Maimbung, Patikul, Parang iban Luuk? Tunggal tuhan in nākaingat!In maana sin Suluk kusug sin mu’jijat atawa tibayhuan sin mu’jijat pa pagtuhan. In Suluk bang utungun pa Islam iban dān sin Sufi in maana niya magad ha tiranan sin pagtuhan agad in tiranan sin laum (haqiqa) iban guwa (syariah) sin Islam. Lamud ha Suluk in mag-ingat sin tuhan, manga tanda sin tuhan, kasabunnalan, maghati iban mag-ingat sin ginhawa baran, mag-ingat sin guna iban maana sin kabuhi. Kabakan in parkataan Suluk ha laum sin Maha Sutsi Kur’an daing ha "Faslooki" ha Surah 16, An-Nahl (Pussukan) ha ayat 69: Faslooki subula rabbiki zululan (magad ha tiranan sin tuhan mu maluhay [kayimu]). In manga tau miyamagad ha tiranan sin tuhan niya pagtwagun Salik.Tanyag da isab in Lupa’ Sug sin kakaya’kayaan iban puunan sin manga mussa’ ha pagiipatan kaniya ha Pū Marunggas sambil siya natawag suk sin Arab in maana niya lungan sin tabu’ biya’ sin ha hula’ Arab. Bang agaran in ngan sin Lupa’ Sug subay “Hula’ Pānabuan“, pagtawagun sin Lannang “Suung”, Tiyanggi isab in pagtawag sin Kastila. Tanyag da isab sin buhangin puti’ ha Igasan (Quezon Beach) iban Bangas (Ramos Beach) iban hulaan sin manga kalang (coral reefs).In Lupa’ Sug atawa Sulu masuhul pagiyanun “Hula’ sin Tau Maisug”.Lungan SākupIn kapūan Sulu, in puunan dairah tagna’ Buansa, bihaun Jolo kakitaan ha sātan-sadlupan sin Pilipinas ha gi’tungan sin Mindanao iban Borneo iban ha tungaan sin manga kalauran Celebes iban Sulu. Tagnaan daing ha Basilan pa Tawi-Tawi, lamud na in 970 pū, labi 400 in taga nga iban 500 in wayi pa ngan. Timitindug ha unahan sin laud Sug in parasahan lindu-randam bang in Tausug dumatung iban tumaykud na, amuna in pinaka mataas bud lupa’ Sug, Bud Tumantangis ha Indanan; in kaibanan amuna in Bud Sinumaan, Bud Dahu (miyustak ha Tahun 1641 iban 1897), Bud Bagsak in Patikul, Bud Kaha, Bud Datu ha Indanan, Bud Tukay ha Parang iban Bud Bongao ha kapūan Tawi-Tawi.
Pū Pasisilan
Kapūan Basilan: Isabela, Lamitan, Lantawan, Maluso, Sumisip, Tipo-Tipo, Tuburan and Akbar.
Kapūan Sulu: Indanan, Jolo, Kalingalan Caluang, Lugus, Luuk, Maimbung, Marunggas, Old Panamao, Pandami, Panglima Estino (New Panamao), Pangutaran, Parang, Pata, Patikul, Siasi, Talipao, Tapul and Tongkil (Bangingi).
Kapūan Tawi-Tawi: Balimbing, Bongao, Cagayan de Sulu/Tawi-Tawi, Languyan, Sapa-Sapa, Simunul, Sitangkai, Sibutu, South Ubian, Tandubas, Taganak and Bakungan (Turtle Islands).
Laud SuluIn Laud Sulu kakitaan ha sadlupan sin dagat Pacific (Pacific Ocean). Nābahagi daing ha Laud sin Sātan Sina’ (South China Sea) ha uttra-sadlupan sin Palawan (pū bantuk Kalis), daing ha laud Celebes (Celebes Sea) ha sātan-subangan sin Kapūan Sulu. Bang pa sātan-sadlupan amuna Sabah iban ha uttara-subangan amuna in Negros, Panay iban Mindoro ha Visayas.Ha Laud Sulu nakabutang in Hulaan laum dagat Kabangsaan Tubbataha (Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park), hambuuk daing ha manga tampat sin Pusaka Dunya (World Heritage Site). In Tubbataha parkataan sin Sama-Badjau maana niya Hunasan Mahaba ha Sinug. Kakitaan da isab ha Laud Sulu in hambuuk daing ha manga ista’ asibi ha dunya amun “dwarf pygmy” atawa “Pandaka pygmea”. In Laud Sulu hulaan sin umbul hambuuk malaggu’ mussa ha dunya “Mussa sin Allah” atawa “Pearl of Allah” Pictada maxima. Hiyumput sin American Museum of Natural History sin tahun 1939. Masuhul pagtawagun sin tau “Mussa’ hi Lao Tzu” or “Pearl of Lao Tzu” daing ha manangkay dakula’, Tridacna gigas.
Dayahan in Laud Sulu ha Lana (oil) iban jajakan sin ista’ Tuna iban kaibanan pa ginisan ista’paglabay pa dagat Pacific, sambil biyanubanu paglawagan Lana sin Exxon Mobil sin Milikan, amun dakula’ magpaguwa Lana ha dunya ha tahun 2009[1]
[1]Bassaha in siyulat hi Nelson Singson Dino. Nukilan wayi pa kiyapaguwa, “Sulu Archipealgo: The Islands of Pearls and its Philosophy Behind”, August-Septemter 2008 (Sya’ban-Ramadan, 1429). Melaka, Malaysia

usulan sin Sulu "part II"

In nukilan ini kiyawa daing ha buk siyulat hi Bro. Neldy “Sulu Archipelago: The Islands of Pearls and its Philosophy Behind” bilang padduman ha buk siyulat hinda Bro. Neldy ha Sinūg in gulalkabtangan (title) niya “Nusulan sin Sulu Tattap Mahardika’” (History of Permanent Independent Sulu). TIBAHAGIAN II

Maubuh Beach in Sulu
Maubu Beach


In tau Sulu pagtawagun Tausug, masuhul pagtwagun Tau Tabu’ pasalan sin panghati sin Arab sin Sug laung na Suq in maana “Tabu” atawa “Lungan Tabu’”. In Tausug tanyag hulubalang iban giyulal pihak landu’ maisug sumagawa bang palawumun in lawan niya in Tausug bugaan sabab mabuga sila pa Tuhan iban mabuga maghinang mangi’ amun manjari makamudarat sin iman nila pa tunggal Allah. In Tausug imisug iban timawakkal misan masalay jasad ha ngan sin pagbaugbug sin hula’ iban kalimayahan nila daing ha panindas sin dāyu. In pagtawag sin tau Mindanao iban Bisaya ha Tausug “Sulug” nagdarā maana “Sug sin Dagat”. Biya’ sin Sinulog Festival “biya’ sapantun anud Sug sin Dagat” ha Cebu ‘Sugbu’ City, Visayas, Pilipinas daing ha parkataan sin tau Cebu iban Ilonggo ‘sulug’ in maana niya Sug sin Dagat [1].
In Tausug pagtawagun da isab Suluano iban Joloano sin Tagalog ha Luzon, Pilipinas iban Kastila hatiniya tau daing ha Sulu atawa Jolo. Laung na in parkataan Jolo kiyawa daing ha parkataan sin Lannang “huliang” atawa “huliaw”, in hatiniya “malingkat”, marai’ ha pangatud nila in Tausug malingkat, marayaw iban baing murahun. Kiyawa da isab kunu’ in parkataan Jolo daing ha ha’lu atawa hallu amun hipagbabayu sin Tausug di’ katu’liran sin Kastila hangkan nahinang Jolo.
Kabakan da isab daira in ngan Jolo ha MCDowell, Sadlupan Virginia, Himpunan sin Hula’ Milikan (West Virginia, United States of America), sa’ bukun tantu bang in daira ini kiyawa daing ha ngan Jolo amun ha Kapūan Sulu. In pagtawag sin tau sadlupan ha Tausug “Sulus”. Pagtwagan pa in Tausug, Moro Sulu atawa Tausug Moro sin Kastila sīngud sila ha Moors sin Morocco iban Mauri sin Mauritania, hatiniya in Moro laung na “Biya’ Moor”. In the Tausug mapantuk ha pagtulak-tulak sambil in Kappal bubunu’ sin Kastila di Makaatu’ sin Banug nila.
Awal Tau SuluKiyabayta in tau nakauna ha Lupa’ Sug timampat ha Maimbung in ngan hi Indira Suga. In Tausug himpunan sin Awal Pihak:
1. Tau Buranun2. Tau Taguima3. Tau Baklaya4. Tau Banjar5. Tau Dampuan
In Tau Buranun/Budanun/Tau Bud – amun awal tuud naghuhula iban ugduk hula’ ha kabudburan sin Sulu, in hambuuk amuna in Maimbung.
In Tau Taguima/Tagime/Tagimaha – Tau Gimba ha Sinug. In Taguima, Tagime iban Tagimaha ngan awal sin Pū Basilan kiyawa’ daing ha ngan hi Datu Taguime, pangtungud hi Sultan Kudarat sin Mindanao amun nagnanakura’ sin wayi pa Kastila. In puuna dairah niya ‘Pasangen’ bihaun Isabela City, Uleyan hambuuk pa ngan awal sin Basilan kiyawa’ daing ha ngan sin Bud ha gi’tung sin Pū, giyantian pa Matangal daing ha Bud Matangal ha Tuburan, Tagime [2] in puuna dairah.
In Basilan kiyawa’ da isab daing ha ngan hi Datu Bantilan iban basi’ iban batu balani. Laung sin kaibanan magsasalasila atawa magnunusulan in Taguima, Tagime iban Tagihama datung daing ha Uttara-subangan sin Ginlupaan Mindanao amun pagiyanun Butuan City ampa himula’ pa Buansa bihaun Jolo. Manjari bunnalun in panayma’ nila ini sumagawa manjari da isab putingun sabab in pagdagang nakauna madtu-mari ha Ginlupaan Mindanao iban Kapūan Sulu amun nagpalawak sin pagdagang iban sin Lannang ha hika 13 iban 14 abad (13th and 14th centuries) iban in tau Butuan marai daing Basilan atawa Buansa. Misan hadja in ngan Butuan timingug na daing ha Bahasa Sug.
In Tau Baklaya – kiyakahagad daing ha Sulawesi, Indonesia timampat ha Patikul hangkan marai’ aun tanjung ha gi’tung sin Sulawesi pagnganan “Tanjung Sulu” [3].
In Tau Banjar – kiyakahagd daing ha Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia ha Banjarmasin [4], tanyag ba sambil pa bihaun hambuuk pihak ha Sabah, Borneo, Perak, Malaysia.
In Tau Dampuan atawa Tau Champa – in Champa hambuuk hula’ taganusulan ha Indochina, amun Vietnam. Dampuan kunu’ in siyupuhan sin aymuka iban bantuk sin bayhu sin Tausug [5]. In Champa hambuuk awal pamarintah bihaun Sātan iban gi’tung sin Vietnam [6], Cambodia [7] iban Sātan Annam [8]. In Dampuan daing da isab ha tau awal sin Papua New Guinea [9].
Ha tahun 900, kusug sin pagdagang nakataabbit magpindah hula’ ha manga tau daing ha Champa, pagtawagun Orang Dampuan, pa Kapūan Sulu, nakapamikit pa the Buranun amun purul tau awal iban ugduk hula’ sin Sulu. Lamud ha pagpindah hula’ ini in daing ha Banjarmasin, pagtawagun Orang Bandjar nakapamikit da isab ha tau Sulu, nagdara adat sin tau India. Subay kahatihan iban di’ kalupahan in tau Champa iban tau sin Banjarmasin daing ha līuran sin Austronesia [10].Tau Sulu Bihaun1. Tausug2. Badjao3. Sama4. Yakan5. Jama Mapun
Tausug in in pihak mataud ha ginlupaan sin Sulu pagtwagun Suluk sin Malayu (Brunie iban Malaysia), Yakan [11] pagtawagun Sameacas [12] sin Kastila nakahula’ ha Basilan, Sama daing ha Sama-sama daing da isab ha parkataan Tagalog ‘pakisama’ hatiniya maluhay dahun magbagay-bagay, kamatauran naghuhula’ ha pū Tawi-Tawi , Jama Mapun pagtawagun Kagayan naghuhula’ ha in Cagayan de Sulu/Tawi-Tawi atawa Mapun “sadlupan”, Tawi-Tawi, marai’ bang ha parkataan Sinug in maana sin mapun “mahapun”. In Badjao ngan sin katan tarbilang ha pihak sin Sama, daing ha parkataan sin Brunie iban Malaysia Berjau [13]. Kabakan da isab in manga Badjao ha pasisilan sin Australia, Borneo, Indonesia, iban Sabah, Malaysia.
In tau Kapūan Sulu pagtawagun daing ha ngan sin hula iban pū nila biya’sin Parianun, Tau Pangaturan; naghuhula’ ha pū Pangutaran, Tau Tapul daing ha pū Tapul, Tau Siasi daing ha pū Siasi, Tau Tawi-Tawi daing ha pū Tawi-Tawi. Tau Lugus daing ha pū Lugus, Tau Pandami, daing ha pū Pandami, iban Tau Pata daing ha pū Pata iban Luwaan kiyakahagad daing ha dugu Sama-Caucasian (Australia), Pala-u ngan daing ha tau guwa’ daing ha kahalan iban daing ha hula’ Republic of Palau sumagawa in sila in katān “Tausug” tau iban citizen sin kapūan Sulu iban Sabah; hambuuk bangsa ha jaman sin kusug sin Sultaniyah sin Sulu.
Pangaddatan sin Tausugv Mabaugbugv Maisugv Mapatay ha ka-Islamv Maaddatv Matawwakalv Masipug Mangayuv Masipug manghuwat-huwatv Mapangandulv Mapasu' atayv Baing Murahunv Baing lasahun
Bahasa Sug
In manga bahasa sin Sulu amuna in Bahasa Sug iban Sinama. In bahasa sin Yakan, Jama Mapun, Bajau, Sama, Pangutaran iban Bangingi daing ha kaginis sin Sinama atawa Siama. In Bahasa Sug bissara ha Kapūan Sulu, Palawan, Mindanao, Sabah Malaysia iban Borneo Indonesia. In Bahasa Sug guwa’ daing ha bahasa Malayo-Polynesian umanggil pa bahasa sin Visayas; amun Cebuano, Boholano, Ilonggo, Higaunon, Hiligaynon iban Waray-waray iban bahasa ha Mindanao; biya’ sin Butuanon, Tandaganon, Cantilanon, Kamayo, Surigaonon, Kaagan, iban Sangir. Aun da isab parkataan ha Bahasa Sug kabakan ha Bahasa Melayu, Arab iban Sanskrit. Sumagawa in Bahasa Sug aun bidda’ niya iban sin kaibanan manga bahasa amun nakadihil martabbat ha Tausug.
In pagusal atawa pagbissara sin Bahasa Sug pagtawagun Sinug amun nabahagi ha dugaing ginisan bahasa amun kabiyaksahan paggulalun Parianun iban Gimbahanun. Aun da isab aliyan ha Bahasa Sug magbidda daing ha pasisilan, kapūan iban hula’; biya’ na sin Sinugan Tapul, Sinugan Luuk, Sinugan Parang, Sinugan Pata, Sinugan Siasi, Sinugan Patikul, Sinugan Lugus, Sinugan Indanan, Sinugan Tungkil, Sinugan Sama iban Sinugan Sabah. Aun pasisilan ha Lupa’ Sug magsibu’ in aliyan. In Bahasa Sug pagiyanun lingua franca, hatiniya iyuusal sin katan pihak iban tiyayma’ “Bahasa Kabangsaan” atawa “Bahasa humput sin Hula’” sin Sultaniyah sin Sulu iban Sabah. Iban in Bahasa Sug lamud ha nagpasangput laas tanda-kapurul sin pagpulitik iban pagagama.[1]Hawkins, Joyce M, 2006. “Kamus Dwibahasa Oxford Fajar, Inggeris-Melayu, Melayu-Inggeris”, Edisi Keempat, Selangor, Malaysia.
[2] Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, Sulook in relation to Islam and Sufism.
[3]Asreemoro, 2007. “Tausug dan Kesultanan Sulu”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
[4] Tampat piyagbunuan pagtawagun “the battle of the clouds or the Bud Dajo Massacre” ha Tausug lamud in manga bata-bata iban kababaihan sin sundalu Milikan ha petsa 5 sin March tahun 1906 ha babaan hi General Leonard Wood. In Bud Dahu solfataric cinder cone pagtawgun in kaibanan bud biya’ Bud Tumantangis, Bud Datu, Bud Kaha, Bud Sinumaan iban kaibanan pa ha Sulu, pyroclastic volcano magusbu abuh basaltic, kiyabayta miyustak sin tahun 1641 iban 1897. A biophysical Assessment of the Philippine of the Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecorregion - WWF Philippines, 2003. In cinder cone Bud Dahu kiyabayta aun phreatic bustak ha 1641 and 1897.
[5]Tampat piyagbunuan ha Tausug sin petsa 11 1913 sin sundalu Milikan ha babaan hi General John Pershing. Biyutang ha Ethnographic Arms & Armor Forum, ha waktu sin bunu’ ini hi general Pershing nagpara sult ha asawa niya imiyans "the fighting was the fiercest I have ever seen." The Moro fought like devils. "They are absolutely fearless, and once committed to combat they count death as a mere incident."
[6]Micheal Schück Montemayor, 2005. “Captain Herman Leopold Schück: The Saga of a German Captain in 19th century Sulu-Sulawesi Seas”. University of the Philippines Prees, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Pg 82.
[7]Business - ExxonMobil plans oil exploration project in Sulu - Article by Lira Dalangin-Fernandez, First Posted 03:26:00 06/14/2008, and Exxon Mobil's proposed Sulu oil Explo opposed, MindaNews, Tuesday, 24 June 2008 10:34.
[8] George Takei recalled Gene Roddenberry wanted the character to represent all of Asia, which symbolized the peace of the Trek universe in spite of the numerous wars in the continent. Roddenberry did not want a nationally specific surname, so he looked at a map and saw the Sulu Sea "He thought, 'Ah, the waters of that sea touch all shores”, and “that's how my character came to have the name Sulu.

Sulu mahardika siya?

jolo island.jpg

Sulu Tattap siya Mahardika?

Jawab: Pasalan in Sulu wala' nasakup sin Kastila, Milikan iban Jipun. Luba' labi na in Filipino ha waktu bihaun. Masi-masi in Tausug nagbabaug sin Hula, Bangsa Iban Agama nila.

Pangasubu: Mayta kaw nakaiyan wala nasakup sin Kastila, Milikan iban sin Jipun in Sulu?

Jawab: Sabab minig sadja in Kastila wala nila naraug in Tausug nagbunu. Liyamud nila diyagang in Sulu pa Milikan ha parjanjian nila "Treaty of Paris" ha waktu nagtukbak sin Pilipinas. In Sulu bukun lamud ha Pilipinas. Iban in Sultaniyah sin Sulu aun parjanjian iban sin Milikan "Kiram-Bates Treaty", saridi, in Sulu hambuuk hula' limayah sin wala' simampay pa pasisilan sin Sulu in Kastila.

Pangasubu: Na mayta nakalamud bihaun in Sulu pa laum sin Pilipinas?

Jawab: Ha waktu in Milikan nagdihil kamahardikaan ha Pilipinas sin petsa 4 sin Julai 1946 tahun liyamud nila na isab in Sulu bilang agad ha Pilipinas. Wala' da isab in Sulu nasakup sin Milikan. In tanda niya aun piyagjanjian sin Milikan iban Sulu bilang hula' iban sin hula'. Sari'di' Mahardika' iban Limayah in Sulu sambil pa bihaun. Matampal nagdupang in Milikan.
Pa katan sin magbabassa bang aun hika ganap jawab sin manga pangasubu yaun anduh tabang kamu jawab ha supaya natu' kaingatan tud bang mayta in hula' Sulu masi-masi iban tattap siya mahardika'.

asal USUL sin tausug "part I" (hisiyu baha' sila)

Mataud in way nakaingat ha asal-usul sin Tausug lamud na in manga Tausug kandi. Hisiyu baha’ sila iban daing ha-in sila dimatung?......

Bangsa Tausug atawa Suluk amun kamatauran ha kapu-an Sulu iban in bahasa nila amuna in bahasa Sug amun bahasa pag-usalun kahatihan sin katan atawa Lingua franca ha waypa in jaman sin kasultanan sampay pa masa ini. In kawm Tausug atawa Suluk gimuwa’ daing ha tumpukan Malayu Austronesian (Polynesian) biya’ sin kawman ha likusantara ha katilibut niya. In bahasa sug amun hilalaungan nila imanggil pa bahasa Malayu awal naglalamud iban bahasa Arab iban bahasa etnik dugaing ha lingkungan Mindanao. Bang agarun in nusulan,in bahasa awal sin Tausug in bunnal niya daing ha bahasa sin tau Tagimaha (Taguima daing ha Basilan).
.Pangagaran unud-puun daing ha Salsilah Sulu amun kiyasulat ha nusulan hi Najeeb Saleeby ha laum buk niya The History of Sulu (Manila: 1908) in kawm bangsa Tausug ini iban bahasa niya guwa’ daing ha kaibanan etnik amun samuran sin Buranun, Tagimaha, Baklaya, tau Dampuan, iban tau Banjar. Naglayin sila pa kapu-an Sulu sambil nahinang hambuuk kawman amun tiyanyag kawman Tausug.
In Tau Buranun kiyahagad amun awal tuud nakahula’ ha kaburan sin Sulu iban in tanyag piyaghuhulaan nila amuna in Maimbung.
In Tau Tagimaha isab in maana niya tumpukan pagsisilungan sin datung daing ha Basilan in kaawal nila daing ha pu’ dakula’ Mindanao in tanyag piyaghuhulaan nila amuna in Buansa atawa ha bihaun amun kila Jolo (Holo).
In Tau Baklaya in maana niya tau amun naghuhula’ ha binaybayan sin higad dagat kiyahagad datung daing ha Sulawesi, Indonesia iban naghuhula’ ha Patikul..
In Tau Banjar isab guwa’ daing ha Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia in lugal nila ha Kalimantan amuna in Banjar Masin.
In Tau Dampuan isab daing ha Champa hambuuk hula’ taga-nusulan ha Indo-China amun kiyakilahan ha waktu ini bilang Vietnam amuna ini in bangsa biya’ sin nasabbut ha taas amun nakasibu ha bahasa iban lupa dagbus sin Tausug ini kandi.
In kawm bangsa Tausug ini awn da isab dugaing dayalik atawa aliyan mangagad ha likusan atawa daira ha antara’ niya amuna in aliyan sin Tausug Tapul, Tausug Basilan, Lugus, Gimbahanun iban manga kaibanan pa. In suku’ kabahagi’ sin bangsa Jawa kabaakan da isab ha laum bahasa Sug, di’ da isab makainu-inu sabab in tumpukan Malayu ha luuk sin likusantara ini ha antara’ sin hambuuk pa hambuuk awn pag-anggilan nila. Siyabab daing ha kusug kawasa sin pamarinta sin Sri Vijaya iban Majapahit ha lupa’ Jawa amun bakas nakajamin ha manga daira ha katilibut sin hula’ kapu-an Sulu ha waypa gimuwa’ in awal pamarinta sin Malayu Melaka. Hangkan pagdatung sin Islam gimuwa’ na in Kasultanan Sulu ha lingkungan tahun 1457 M iban in pamarinta sin manga Sultan Sulu malugay nagsunud-sunud amun nakagawgut ha Bahasa Sug timatas sapay pa adlaw ini.
Asal Usul sin Palkataan Tausug, In Tausug guwa’ daing ha duwa tibahagian sin bissara "Tau" (Ta’u) maana niya "Tau-Manusiya’" iban "Sug" maana niya "Anud sin Dagat - sug" "Tau anud sin dagat" hangkan manjari na maanahan biya’ tau amun miyamagad ha anud sin dagat atawa sug atawa tau in hinang niya awn palsugpatan ha paghunas taub sin dagat. Kiyaingatan natu’ in kapu-an Sulu naawn daing ha giyatusan pu’ amun in hinang sin ugduk hula’ niya atawa tau niya magiista’ iban magkakawa’ hasil daing ha dagat biya’ na sin mussa’, agal-agal, iban bat salta’ magparagan sin pagdagang nila magbartil atawa magsalin-sambi’ ha antara’ Uttara’ Borneo (Sabah) iban Zamboanga (Jambangan) iban kaibanan pa ha lingkungan sin kapu-an Malayu. Dugaing dain duun in kaibanan magpadagan sin hinang guwa’ sakupan amun hinang magpanglangpas ha lingkungan sin karagatan Sulu, karagatan Sulawesi iban karagatan Sina’ satan. Hangkan matampal na in awal gulalan "Tau anud sin dagat – Tausug" magtup ha kabuhianan adlaw-adlaw sin kawman Tausug amun hinang in karagatan puunan sin kabuhianan nila.
Hambuuk pa tapsilan daing ha palkataan Tausug amuna in "Tau Maisug" maana niya mangingisug amun "Tau Maisug". Bang biyaddiin in pangaku sin Kastila’ bihadtu ra isab in pangaku sin Melikan misan hi Ferdinand Marcos kandi nagmatay-matay namunu’ ha kawm ini sambil nagpatanyag siya sin sara’ sundalo "Martial Law" ha Mindanao iban Sulu ha tungud ini in gulalan "Juramentado" (Maisug magpapatay) amuna in gulalan ha Tausug. Hambuuk daing ha manga tanda’ kaisug sin Tausug biya’ na sin piyanyata hi Prof. Cesar"
"In manga hulubalang sin Islam amun pag-ubus nagparagan parakala’ ‘pag-agama’ iban timunay sin sambahayang nagdungan iban pandita (Guru Agama) pagkunsum dayuhun iban gubatun in manga sumbahan sin Kristyan iban sin angan-angan mamunu’ pila-pila na in taud atu iban in manga sila ini wayna naghuwat bang maka-uwi’ salamat. In sataas-taas da-ut sin manga hulubalang ini amun lilla’ magkulban hasupaya makakawa’ tungbas sulga’".
Pag-ubus piyanyata’ pa hi Prof. Cesar bahawa in siyulagan sin Mujahid (Juramentado) amun in kamatauran nila daing ha tumpukan sin Buranun (Kawm Tausug/Suluk naghuhula’ ha kaburan sin Sulu). [2]
Asal Usul sin palkataan SulukIn kawman Malayu ha Uttara’ Borneo (Sabah) iban Kalimantan lamud pa isab in Brunei nanggulal ha Tausug bilang Tau Suluk. In nagsulat ini yakin bahawa in pagtawag "Orang Suluk" ha kawm Tausug ini sin kawman Malayu gimuwa’ daing ha duwa sabab:
Hikaisa: In palkataan ‘Suluk’ hasil daing ha duwa palkataan Sulu iban Sug. Sabab in kawman Malayu kahunitan magsabbut "Sug" ha sabbutan maamu. Daing ha salla’ sin dila sin Malayu sumabbut sin "Sug" ha sabbutan nila "Suk", iban in hasil niya kakitaan ta paghuwas in piyaghambuukan sin palkataan Sulu + Suk, amun nagdara maana Tau Sug ha Sulu atawa Suluk. In Malayu Brunei amuna in tanyag naggulal ha manga Tausug ini Suluk biya’ sin kabaakan ha buk sin Tarsila Brunei. In kahunit sin Malayu sumabbut sin palkataan "Tausug" giyantian nila sin sasabbutan amun matup ha dila’ nila biya’ na sin Suluk. [3]
Hikaruwa: In kabtangan Suluk in awal niya daing ha palkataan Tasawwuf. In Tasawwuf hambuuk tibahagian sin Ilmu Islam amun landu’ lilipaga muna-muna na ha likusantara. Halaum Islam ki-la ra isab bilang ilmu ihsan (Ilmu hipag-atay puti’ atawa marayaw). In magsuluk maana niya amun tau lilipaga in baran niya ha pagjikir pa Allah (Manumtum iban sumabbut ha ngan sin Allah S.W.T sataud-taud niya) ha hambuuk lugal way sasaw. Adapun daing ha sabbutan Jama’ "Salik" amuna in tau miyumurul atawa miyamagad ha dan magsuluk magpasuuk sin ginhawa baran niya pa Allah S.W.T mangagad ha atulan sin Tasawwuf, maglanu’ atawa magpulna’ sin nyawalihan niya hinangun in Allah S.W.T tunggal maksud sin kabuhi’ iban kamatay niya.
In hambuuk tau salik amun nakaingat na ha Tuhan niya wayruun na ujud ha laum pangita’ niya dugaing daing ha ka-ujud sin Allah S.W.T Al-Khalik. Ha kahawpuan niya nahipu’ sin kabassaran sin Allah S.W.T. in atay niya. Daing ha sabab ini in Tausug bang jimangka’ na pa puntuk sin nyawalihan niya saddiya na jimimpulag pa halaman pagbubunuan bang kadungugan in panawag-tawag magjihad, sabab in maksud niya samata-mata ha Allah S.W.T. hadja.
In ilmu suluk ini amuna in miyamalim sin manga Syeikh amun Arif billah. Manga Syeikh atawa guru ini na in nagpataud ha manga mujahid pa bintungan sin Jihad Fi Sabilillah amun kahanggawan sin atu. Namung hi Prof. Cesar Adib Majul:
"…Sagawa’ pa manga sila atawa Pandita (Guru Agama) amun nagmumus kanila nagpapanaw sin hinang kiyawajib nasabbut, mamawgbug ha Darul-Islam amuna in hambuuk mahatinggi tanggungjawab. Misan biya’diin pa manga Muslim ha Sulu malasa ha hula’ iban Islam landu’ in gawgut sin palsugpatan niya. [5]
Daing ha ini masimpulna bahawa in palkataan Suluk daing ha maana harfiya (Literal) in maksud Muslim ha Sulu amun mahugut in pamawgbug ha panghindu’ sin Islam iban lilla’ magkulban sin nyawa ha ngan sin agama, maruwa sin bangsa iban lupa purul kalasahan.

Islam di Filipina, Prof. Cesar Adib Majul, gikap 517 (Salinan bahasa hi Shamsuddin Jaapar, DBP: 1988)
Tarsilah Brunei, Pehin Prof. Dr. Hj. Awang Mohammad Jamil Al-sufri, gikap 3.
Bima’na in manga tau Sulu amun nakalamud nagjihad ha nakauna manga ahli Tarikat. In ilmu magsuluk amuna in panghindu’ atawa kakahinang sin tasawwuf amun tantuniya mahunit hi butas daing ha tarikat.
Prof. Cesar Adib Majul, Op. Cit., gikap 526.

hangpuh pangaddatan

  1. MABAUGBUG - Sabunnal-bunnal tuud ha in tausug purul mabaugbug! In baug-bug niya sampai kiyapag-asagan dugu' niya in hula' Bangsamoro karna' imatubang ha satru'. In pangasubu ha bihaun masi pa baha' in tausug baug-bug biya' sin kaina tagna' ha jaman sin kamaasan? Huun! Karna'in nangka' di' siya mamunga marang.
  2. MAISUG - Maisug ha kapatut. Misan muti' bukug ayau hadja muti' tikud-tikud. Kiya pagsulayan na dimayu in bangsa makusug biya' na sin Kastila', Jipun iban Milikan sa' sila minui' kaluluuyan.
  3. MAPATAY HAKA ISLAM - Misan pa in kaawnan sin hambuuk tausug jahil sa' di' kalupahan halaum atay sin purna' siya Muslim nag-aagama Islam. Mamunu' bang iyanun kafir misan siya di' mag-ibadat. Iban pag iyan aun daba waktu. Ku'nu pa?
  4. BAING MURAHUN - Aun pag-iyanun sin tausug sadakka jaria. Magbuang bungangkahuy ha higad dan hipahampit ha siyu-siyuna maglalabay. Iban bang aun bisita niya misan pa in ka-aunan niya makautang manglabut da siya.
  5. MASIPUG MANGHUWAT-HUWAT IBAN MANGAYU" - Atas hi tapuk in in hapdi' ha tiyan di' tuud makatawwakkal papangdaig niya. Atas sumandal way kaniya daing sin.
  6. MATAWWAKAL - Mahugut in pangatayan himinang, sibu' da kabubugaan atawa kaluluman ha-alupan sin tau, ayau hadja himinang kabiasan.
  7. MAPANGANDUL - Maluhay mangandul iban maluhay pangandulan. Duun naka alta' atawakan himumungan.
  8. MAPASU' ATAY - Maluhay dugalan luba' labi na bang in pagbissarahan kamaruwan biya' na sin agama iban kaasawahan.
  9. MA-ADDAT - Naghahalga' ha parsugpatan pa suga pagkahi luba' labi na pa nakalaas daing kaniya. Maayung-ung in dahan tumag ha nakamagulang. Iban Di' mabaya' mamali iban baliun in atay.
  10. BAING LASAHUN - Malasa ha agama', hula' iban bangsa. Bihadtu ra isab pakaanaak iban kaasawahan nila.

tausug purul

Tausug amuna in manusiah Pa Allahu taala nagmamabugah, Malingkan bang magkahina. Umbul ALAS ha dunya hiluhala.
Tausug bang magkasipug kabuhi' di mag-ikut, Ha ngan sin pagbaugbog mangako baran malupog.

Tausug bang bagayun Puti' pangatayan pakitaun, Malaingkan bang buli' pugayun Nyawah di' niya pag-ugun.
Tausug mangi' ampa marayaw, Mahatul ampa lingug. Mahatul bang marayaw ka-agi, sagawah lingug bang magkajangki.

Tausug bang di pagka-amuhan Hipagpamung in ha pangatayan, Malaingkan bang pagkasulutan Umunung sambil paliyangan.

Tausug kunuh gagandilan, Magbunuh in katagihan, Baran dih pagkadaplisan Pasal mataud in kakupalan.

Daing sin waktu nakauna pa, Tausug nabantug na, Way pag-ug sin nyawa Sakatan misan sikatuna.

kastila, milikan iban jipun, Tausug mahunit daugun, Satru' in paglagutun Bang sila pagbugaun.

tausug marayaw kasuddahan, Magbagay dih pagkarapatan, Bang wayra katitipuhan, Sampay kamatay "bagay" niya unungan.

Hulah ko

Oh hula` hababaan hangin, Bansag na isab in ngan mu kahapun, Biyunuh kaw tahunan, Piyagtuyuan kaw biyaugbugan, Dain ha pamissukuh sin mga satruh. Oh Hulah, Tanyag Nakapakain na in dayaw mu, Lingkat mu nalawah na, Lummi' in timayimbabaw. Natanug kaw ha dunya..

Oh hulah pusaka.. Kamaasan in nagbayta' Kaabutan ku pa baha' In dayaw iban lingkat mu? Ha supaya ku hikasuy-suy Ha mga lungguh ba'go..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

OIC pledges support for Mindanao development

NEW YORK - The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) offered support for the economic development of Mindanao in the form of specific projects and funding assistance.This was revealed in a statement issued by Press Secretary Jesus Dureza.Dureza said OIC Secretary General Elmeddin Ihsanoglu told President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo during their bilateral meeting that ''peace can be attained only if the people's lives are improved.'President Arroyo held bilateral talks with heads of state on the sideline of the UN General Assembly here.Dureza said Ihsanoglu appeared to be well-informed about developments in Mindanao.Ihsanoglu said the OIC will exert efforts to consolidate the various Bangsa Moro factions.''We will do our role to consolidate the different factions and help in the socio-economic development of Mindanao and improve the life of the people in the area because there can't be peace without economic development," Ihsanoglu said. - OPS/GMANews.TV

Friday, October 24, 2008

wonders of Sulu

approaching Jolo island where you see the oil depot
approaching jolo island

approaching Jolo island where you can see the tulay mosque
jolo island.jpg

Jolo town is view from the peak of Bud Datu
view from bud datu

closest view of Jolo town from bud datuh
Jolo Viewed from  Bud Datu..

quezon beach from its shore. edge of the shore turning left can seen the view of Jolo
Quezon Beach, Sulu.jpg

clear water of quezon beach
quezon beach 2.jpg

Notre Dame of Jolo College compund. One of the battle place between MNLF fighters and the Philipine government where apoh tuwan of MNLF lost his live at this place.
NDJC compound.jpg

bud tumantangis view from one of the areas in Jolo town
bud tumantangis

bud tumantangis view from the sea. Where travelers arrive from many islands of Sulu

one of Sulu undiscovered place

undiscovered place in sulu

crystal blue water of Sulu
bangka bangka

bud datuh - a place where almost thousands of tausug warriors sacrifices their lives with the Americans
bud datu.jpg

Subah Datu-18.JPG

paradise island of Sulu
sulu island.jpg

sun rays seen from bolivrd.jpg


sunset at tanjung beach
sunset ha tanjung beach.jpg

Jolo pier

tubig taingting in parang - Sulu
tubig taingting,parang. :))

tubig bustak
tubig bustak.jpg

sunset in maubuh


boulevard in Jolo town
boulevard ha bulih tabuh

maubuh beach
Maubu Beach

patikul, Sulu
patikul, Sulu

tulay mosque at present and its past

the new masjid tulay
tulay mosque - the big mosque in Sulu. Located in the heart of Jolo town.

bagong tulay.jpg
front view of tulay mosque

approaching Sulu island where you see tulay mosque from a far

the new masjid tulay(aerial view)
tulay mosque from its side view

masjid tulay
closest view of tulay mosque from its stair in front


this is the picture of the old tulay mosque before it renovates
1989 masjid tulay

old masjid tulay.jpg