Friday, October 24, 2008

wonders of Sulu

approaching Jolo island where you see the oil depot
approaching jolo island

approaching Jolo island where you can see the tulay mosque
jolo island.jpg

Jolo town is view from the peak of Bud Datu
view from bud datu

closest view of Jolo town from bud datuh
Jolo Viewed from  Bud Datu..

quezon beach from its shore. edge of the shore turning left can seen the view of Jolo
Quezon Beach, Sulu.jpg

clear water of quezon beach
quezon beach 2.jpg

Notre Dame of Jolo College compund. One of the battle place between MNLF fighters and the Philipine government where apoh tuwan of MNLF lost his live at this place.
NDJC compound.jpg

bud tumantangis view from one of the areas in Jolo town
bud tumantangis

bud tumantangis view from the sea. Where travelers arrive from many islands of Sulu

one of Sulu undiscovered place

undiscovered place in sulu

crystal blue water of Sulu
bangka bangka

bud datuh - a place where almost thousands of tausug warriors sacrifices their lives with the Americans
bud datu.jpg

Subah Datu-18.JPG

paradise island of Sulu
sulu island.jpg

sun rays seen from bolivrd.jpg


sunset at tanjung beach
sunset ha tanjung beach.jpg

Jolo pier

tubig taingting in parang - Sulu
tubig taingting,parang. :))

tubig bustak
tubig bustak.jpg

sunset in maubuh


boulevard in Jolo town
boulevard ha bulih tabuh

maubuh beach
Maubu Beach

patikul, Sulu
patikul, Sulu

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