Saturday, February 27, 2010

some Tausug are GO-GETTING

i post this blog to show that "SOME" Tausug people are go-getting. the reason is, some of the parents of tausug ladies wants their daugther's marriage will be in a luxurious way like what we have seen in this marriage ceremony in China. on the other hand, groom side is crawling just to reach the demand of the parents of the bride's side. are this kind of ceremony allowed in Islam even you know that its very hard for you (parents) to afford?

scroll all the pictures below and have your comments.

NOTE: first picture is a Tausug groom (fake groom) . This is to avoid his family specially his wife who may be one day can watch my blog.

He edit the real groom using his skill in photoshop.

A Wedding in ShanXi

Traditionally a very poor region of China until the discovery of vast coal deposits.
Have a look at a wedding involving one of the coal boss’ family.

Latest Bentley
Ferrari here can only be the escort car
Wedding limo: Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Groom’s house
Part of the dowry (cheque, gold bars and gold rice bowl set)
The Lambo (second one) is also part of the dowry
Picking up the bride
Bride’s home
The lucky bride

Part of the escort team
manicure, and the diamond ring.

Bride’s family including the real groom (first from right)
The wedding hall - ala Astoria Regency in Pasonanca, ZC

parade of dih ma RICH people

4RR Phantoms
40 Porsche Cayennes, Range Rovers, BMW X5 and Audi.
Q7 are not counted as the wedding fleet, only escorts
Classic Ferrari 575M

20 Audi A8, W12 quattro, and 2 S8

F430 all the way from Taiyun, the state capital. Notice the S65 AMG at the side
The escort team’s job is to go ahead of the wedding fleet to “clear the road

6 Jeeps as camera team
4 Ferrari leads
4 Rolls Royce main fleet
6 Mercedes
6 Bentleys
20 Audi A8s
Hummer at the back
Cayennes for “odd jobs

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